Pouring the dram

About Single Malt Tour

This is not about tasting notes. Of course, there will be a bit of qualitative analysis of the drams tasted but this will be mostly done with subjectivity. Tasting notes are widely available online, it will be much more subjective like ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’ (with justification) as the purpose is more ‘psychologic’ than scientific: having a dram after the visit is tasting the history, the story, sharing with people, identify dram I like without asking myself too many questions. Indeed, I am a strong believer that sometimes, let’s not find explanation, we like it or not, the way we like it (with ice, with water, with soda), some circumstances don’t need a specific systematic approach to tasting. Just enjoy! For sure I am also keen on tasting and tasting notes on a systematic approach (as a WSET Level 2), but in other circumstances.

So what this is about?

Most of all, this journey book is driven by the passion of whisky, the passion of the industrial process behind it, the magical side (the Angel’s Share notably). This is also about education and training, sharing my knowledge. I am available to make tasting events, team building,.. Feel free to contact me! Here

A bit of travelling and tourism also I guess. Scotland is a beautiful, Scotch Whisky industry can be seen as magical and romantic, so combining the both in some kind of journey book is the purpose. If I am not pretending being an expert in photography, I’ll make a point of publishing pictures I took myself, from a DSLR, iPhone or a drone. Sharing passion and Scotch Whisky ‘geekism’ is also the obvious purpose, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to travel and visit some of the mythical names out there, some of the niche names,…

The order will be mostly chronological (a few notable exception that will be justified, coming bag to an article to correct something or add something will also obviously happen from time to times), in order to see a certain progression in the knowledge, in the approach of visits, the evolution of particular interest. For sure, I will go back to some chapters to correct or add stuff from times to times, but the main logic is definitely chronological.